Mandritsa is the only Albanian village in Bulgaria, where even today native people speak this unique archaic Albanian language.

Here are some words and phrases in Albanian.

 English  Albanian
Yes Da
Good Mir
No Nuku
Welcome Misen iert
Good bye Mbetuni me shindet
What’s your name? Kush sohesh?
Where are you from? Ga ha iesh?
How are you? Kush ieni?
Greeings Shum faltor
Cheers Me shindet

5 thoughts on “Language”

  1. Can you please put some more words in your Albanian dialect?
    Ju lutem qitni me shume fjale ne dialektin tuaj te shqipes.

  2. JU falenderoj personalisht qe e ndieni veten ende shqiptar dhe krenar per kete

  3. A website in Kosovo has today posted an article about you people. We always knew that there are some old Albanians living in Bulgaria but never found out where they live. Thanks to we now know. Its great to know that you, just like the Albanians in Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania or elsewhere in the world have not forgotten the language of your forefathers.
    Proud of you. Keep up, stay Albanian!

  4. това е хубаво, че все още се чувствам като албанците (Илир).
    Нашата кръв никога няма да се разрежда
    Да живее Илирия
    Ние, албанците в Албания, Косово, Илирида (Македония) в Presheve, Черна гора, cameria (South Епир), Турция Европа и САЩ никога не забравят

  5. In Stara Zagora is 2 Villages with Albanian people but only old people can still speak Albanian but young people can’t speak Albanian only Bulgarian

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