We are a group of enthusiasts, emotionally connected with and loving this wonderful piece of Bulgaria and united by the idea to preserve and revive the “forgotten by the government place ” village of Mandritsa.

This is the future not only for the village of Mandritsa but also for the nearby surrounding villages, if someone do not take anything. And because for us it is clear that this region is the last priority of our otherwise very “tourist” oriented country, we decided not to wait. We must take immediately firm and deliberate action from now on, so as this place not to be wiped out and forgotten. We know that this is quite a daring initiative, but we are optimistic.

Yes, maybe things will happen slowly, or at least not as fast as we want, but more important is to begin.

We have enough enthusiasm and desire and hope you will support us. Without the support of many people we could not succeed.

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  1. Pershendetje nga Montreali. Si mund t’ju ndihmojme per te ruajtur prejardhjen gjuhen e folklorin.

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