Sights of the Village

In Mandritsa are preserved large 3-storey adobe and brick houses in Greek style, typical representatives of Thracian architecture with carved ceilings, wrought iron balconies and colonnades.

The village has two churches. Cemetery’s church “St. Nedelya” is an one-naved small building, built in 1708 – one of the oldest churches in the Eastern Rhodopes.

св. Неделя

The “St. Demetrius” church, built in 1835, is a three-naved pseudobasilica with stone walls and wooden roof. It can be find an Eastern influence on the carved wooden iconostasis. Part of the churchyard is paved with gravestones of clerics (readers, in Greek, ἀναγνώστης/anagnostis). Around 1860 a 15 meters high belfry was build next to the church.

св. Димитър камбанарията

In 2004 Mandritsa is included in the tourist route “Cultural and historical mysteries of the Eastern Rhodopes”.

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